Whether you are new to blogging or just looking to resurrect an old blog, the most important thing to remember is that you need to start with a specific goal. It's also important to know your audience. If you're trying to market sunglasses, you'll need to provide them with reasons to purchase. You may want to create a blog that offers tips and tricks for enhancing contrast or provides ideas on how to dress with your sunglasses. In addition to these things, you may want to include articles about digital marketing or the latest trends in the eyewear industry.

A good example of a sunglasses blog is Rootz, which was started by two Brazilians in December of 2019. Their goal was to create an online shop that would offer affordable, sustainable, and high-quality sunglasses. In addition to selling sunglasses, Rootz also provides advice on how to dress with your sunglasses, care for your sunglasses, and other useful tips.

Optical Vision is a website that provides information on the eyewear industry, including tips for training, marketing, and more. They also offer educational seminars for eyecare professionals. They examine how different brands partner with each other and how design influences the way products are designed.

Ocean Waves Sunglasses is an Atlantic Beach, Florida-based company that handcrafts every pair of glasses they sell. Their sunglasses offer polarized eye protection, stylish eyewear, and unique designs. They also have a blog that discusses fashion trends and eyewear news.

Got Shades is an industry news blog that covers a range of topics, including eye health studies and new trends in eyewear. It also features articles on how to pair your sunglasses, how to hire, and more. It's a great resource for eyewear enthusiasts. They offer readers the latest trends, eye health tips, and a variety of useful articles for specific audiences.

Riglook is a company that offers high-quality wooden products. They also offer accessories and other wooden items such as watches, phone cases, and more. They use sustainable wood, such as Bamboo and White maple. They also offer original products and are known for their wooden watches.

Fastrack started as an independent urban youth brand in 2005. They offer affordable and high-quality sunglasses that are perfect for water sports. They're made with ZEISS lenses, and the brand has developed a niche for its affordable sunglasses. They also offer educational seminars for eyecare practitioners and consumers.

Optical Vision Resources is a website that offers information on the eyewear industry, including tips on how to market and design your own eyewear. They also offer educational seminars on eyecare topics and eyewear industry news. They also offer the highest quality lens options for sunglasses. Choosing the best lens options is important, since UV rays can damage the lens and other eye surface tissues. It's also important to keep in mind that the best lens options are made by people who care about their lenses.

A good sunglasses blog is also important because it can help you determine what types of content are popular. The top blogs know who their audience is and offer useful content. In addition, it's helpful to look at other blogs in the eyewear industry for ideas and tips.