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Designed in the late 1970's, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster has come a long way. As a complement to the more popular Wayfarer, it's become a popular accessory amongst both men and women. These days you can find a wide variety of styles, including the popular Oversized and Doublebridge. The classic design of these frames remains a favorite amongst men looking to make a statement.

Although the Ray-Ban Clubmaster isn't quite as technologically impressive as the latest gadget, there are a few ways that you can incorporate it into your life. One is to purchase a case that's designed to fit the glasses, including a small cleaning cloth. This case is made from a lightweight material that's flexible but durable. You can also purchase a case that's made from the same materials as the actual glasses. This case is slightly larger and will help you keep your glasses safe and sound. You can also purchase an upgraded version that comes with a lens spray, but this may not be worth the extra money.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster's design owes a lot to the browline style. The browline is a design feature of sunglasses that emphasizes the natural browline of the wearer. The browline is best characterized by the thick upper part of the frame rim. In the 50s, browline glasses were all the rage and accounted for half of all eyewear sales. Its popularity was waning in the 60s but it was resurrected in the mid-noughties.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster's biggest claim to fame is that it's one of the most popular sunglasses in the world. You can find them in a variety of shapes, colors, and lens treatments. You'll find that they are comfortable to wear all day, and they will keep your eyes safe from the elements. However, you should note that these glasses are a little heavy and may be problematic for people with smaller faces. You may also find that you have to be careful not to slip them off your face while you're moving around.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster's classic design is a great choice for men looking to make a statement. The acetate upper frames give the glasses a classy, sophisticated feel. The classic design is also available in a variety of colors, including traditional black and brown. These frames come in a variety of sizes to fit all types of faces, including oversized and doublebridge. This is a great choice for men who want a timeless, quality pair of sunglasses.

If you're looking for a pair of sunglasses that will last a lifetime, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a great choice. You can find many versions of this style, including the Oversized Clubmaster, the Clubmaster Doublebridge, and the Fleck Clubmaster. Whether you want a pair of glasses to wear to work, or you're looking for something to wear on the beach, this is the perfect pair.